A Time for Reflection

Dear Central College Campus Community,

In the aftermath of the disturbing scenes of violence and intimidation we witnessed in our nation’s capitol yesterday, we are called to personal and collective reflection. Our democracy was placed under intense stress, but proved resilient as the rule of law, our systems of governance and our commitment to citizenship were preserved. Together we reaffirm that Central College condemns violence, supports those who serve and protect our country, and recommits itself to the values upheld in our welcome statement.

With an emphasis on inclusivity in our learning environment this academic year and an anticipated focus on citizenship in 2021-22, our academic community is committed to teaching, learning, growing and developing leaders who will contribute to our nation and world in positive ways through civil discourse and active service during these increasingly challenging times.

From our welcome statement, we promote skills and values essential to becoming responsible citizens in local, national and international communities. We endorse the values of acceptance, mutual respect, justice, generosity, compassion, forgiveness and service to others. We encourage attitudes of civility necessary for meaningful exchanges between people. Our mission and our roots in an ecumenical Christian tradition ground us in these values, and I encourage members of our community to be in prayer for the wellbeing of others. May peace and civility prevail.


About the Author

Mark Putnam

I'm the lucky individual who carries the title, 21st president of Central College in Pella, Iowa. Passionate about higher education and the issues facing it and the world today, I hope to invoke an engaging conversation with all who are ready to dig in, make a difference and build for the future. Share your thoughts. I'm listening and interested.